Based on the CWJ-303N joystick, Crown's new CWJ-303A (also known as CWJ-303-FK) joystick series is designed to offer the same great Fanta stick performance for the owners of Japanese style joysticks.
Crown CWJ-303A a very precise joystick constructed with Korean Gersung microswitches and circular actuator, and it's the first joystick to offer the Korean joystick experience with Japanese style mounting specifications.

If you already have a joystick from Madcatz, Hori, Eightarc/Qanba, etc and if you want to try a Korean style joystick, this new joystick makes that task as easy as a simple swap.

This model comes with a CLEAR RED knob.

Note: If your current Japanese joystick utilizes a 5-pin plastic connector for wiring, you will need this conversion wiring harness to install the joystick.

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Crown CWJ-303A / 303-FK Clear Red

  • Brand: Crown
  • Product Code: Crown CWJ-303A Clear Red
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $24.95

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