We're now shipping revision 3.0 of our PSX to JAMMA converter. It retains all of the features of the previous revision in a better package.


This converter allows you to use your PS1/PS2 controllers on both arcade setups and superguns.

These converters use a modified Neogeo DSUB15 controller pinout. Here's the pinout diagram.

As shown in the diagram, the pinout is identical to Neogeo except that Button5 and Button6 have been added to it. You can plug the converter into any system that uses this pinout natively (AES, some MVS, and quite a few custom superguns). Setups with different pinouts, such as arcade cabinets and some superguns, can also use these converters simply by making a cable to adapt the pinout to the above pinout

Note that the above diagram shows the correct pinout if you are looking at the controller port on the supergun/console and NOT at the converter. The pinout diagram of the female port on the converter side is just a mirror image of the above. The pin number and its assigned function is the same on both the male and female DSUB15 ports, so to prevent confusion, use the pin numbers to determine left and right.

<Custom Button Mapping>

The reason why the pinout shows Button1, Button2... instead of circle, R1, L2... is because it's modifiable by the user. Below is the default button assignment.

Button1 - []
Button2 - /\
Button3 - R1
Button4 - X
Button5 - O
Button6 - R2


The above button assignment was chosen because most arcade sticks have its buttons laid out that way.

If you wish to have a different buttons mapping, here's how the custom button mapping mode works.

1. Trigger the custom button mapping mode by pressing [] + /\ + O + X + Start
2. Let go of the buttons after pressing the combination of buttons from step 1.
3. Press 1 button at a time, each time pressing a different button, until you've pressed 6 unique buttons. The order in which you pressed each button has now mapped Button1 through Button6.
4. The moment Button6 gets mapped, the new button assignment is in effect and the converter starts working with the new button mapping immediately.

There are some notes to be aware of regarding the on-the-fly custom button mapping procedure.

*You can only assign the buttons with 8 action buttons ( [] /\ X O R1 R2 L1 L2 ). This means that any order of these 8 buttons can be assigned to Button1 through Button6.

*You cannot map Start, Select, R3, L3, or the 4 directions to the 6 action buttons through custom button mapping mode, and these inputs will be ignored even if you press them while in custom button mapping mode.

*While you're pressing buttons one by one to map Button1 though Button6, if you press a button that has been assigned already, it will be ignored and won't combine multiple mapping to a single button. This means there is a strict 1 input -> 1 output rule in place.

*If you chose ( [] /\ X O L1 L2 ) as your 6 buttons, the remaining R1 and R2 will do nothing when you press them.

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PSX to JAMMA converter

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