• Omni PCB Kit [PS4 / PS3 / PC]

The Omni PCB kit for the PS4 / PS3 / PC is perfect for upgrading a previous generation arcade stick or building a new one from scratch.

It features completely modular design for quick and easy installation, replacements, and upgrades.

System Compatibility

  • Multi-console compatibility: PS4, PS3, and PC native support in a single package for ultimate convenience
  • No 8-minute timeout issue on PS4 (Update for latest firmware)
  • Features Touch Pad button function on PS4
  • X-Input compatible on PC

Automatic System Detection

  • Omni PCB Kit comes with automatic system detection for all 3 systems it supports; PS4, PS3, and PC. Simply plug and play.

Parts and Wiring Compatibility

  • The Omni PCB Kit is compatible with ALL joysticks and buttons through its modular harness design
  • Available harness types: .110 Tabs,  .187 Tabs,  JST 5-pin connector
  • Ease of wiring with quick disconnects and snap-on connectors
  • Easy USB cable customizations and replacements through the industry standard USB BM connector
  • No soldering necessary to change parts or cables

Kit Contains:

  • Main Circuit Board
  • 1x harness for 5-pin connector (joystick)
  • 3x harness for .110 tabs (buttons)
  • 1x harness for .187 tabs (joystick or buttons)
  • 1x USB cable (3m / 10ft)
  • Cable clip for USB cable

PCB Dimensions: 6cm x 4cm x 1cm (not including cables)

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Omni PCB Kit [PS4 / PS3 / PC]

  • Brand: eTokki
  • Product Code: Omni-PCB-Kit-PS4
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $49.95

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